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Stone Look Tiles

Yeomans Bagno & Ceramiche have the tiles for you. We have all kinds of different stone tiles for sale in a range of different colours ready to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen tiles. We’re here to make your home special, in every room of the house.
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Why You Should Use Stone Tiles in Your Bathroom

You spend time in your bathroom every day, so it’s a room you want to feel relaxed in, especially if you’re treating yourself to a nice bubble bath after a long day. If you’re planning on upgrading your bathroom, you should definitely consider using stone tiles.

  • They’re water resistant – This is the most important feature to consider as your bathroom tiles, where EVERYTHING is going to get at least a little bit wet. Natural stone tiles repel any water damage, making sure that the inevitable puddles don’t leave any marks and are slip-free.

  • They’re easy to clean – In your bathroom, you want tiles which are easy to clean as it can take the brunt of all kinds of spills and dirt. Toothpaste, mud, and hair aren’t a problem with stone look tiles as they wipe away easily.

  • They’re stain resistant – Shampoos, bath bombs, and other bathroom liquids won’t stain the floor either. Things like this are always getting spilled, so it’s a good thing they won’t leave a mark.

  • They’re moisture resistant – This is important in a bathroom as moisture attracts mould, and there’s a lot of moisture in the air in your bathroom. They prevent the build-up of grime and mildew on your tiles, keeping everything clean.

  • They can improve the value of your house – Just like the refurbishment of a bathroom and kitchen increase the value, using natural stone look tiles in Melbourne houses increase them even further. Prospective buyers tend to be impressed with stone tiles as they make the room look and feel great.

  • They’re affordable – Our porcelain stone look tiles are an affordable option which recreates the stone aesthetic while keeping their great quality.

Your Home Deserves Only the Best Stone Tiles in Melbourne

There's no denying the beauty and aesthetic appeal of natural stone. Used in homes for hundreds of years to create stunning but practical floors, it's still highly sought after today. Its natural beauty is provided not just by its colour, tone and texture, but by the fact that no two pieces of stone, or stone tiles, are ever going to be the same. This allows for a distinctive, and natural appearance that replicates the stones found in nature, whether you choose to lay stone tiles inside your house, or you're using them to create the outdoors of your dreams. 

Furthermore, nothing can rival the sheer strength of stone, so you can be sure that it's going to be extremely long lasting while giving a look of timeless and enduring style. 

Here at Yeomans Bagno & Ceramiche, we pride ourselves on stocking one of the best ranges of stone tiles Melbourne has available, from industry specialists such as Marazzi, 'Ceramiche Piemme' and Fondonvalle. All these tile manufacturers draw their inspiration from traditional materials and aesthetics to create quality collections of stylish and contemporary stone tiles. 

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, for floors and for walls, you'll find that our stone tiles are not only beautiful to look at and to touch, but that they're extremely versatile and eminently practical. 

Take the Symphony collection by Marazzi for example. The collection pays homage to traditional designs in marble, but the tiles are constructed using modern methods to make a tile which is not just long lasting, but which offers the highest level of craftsmanship. 

We Sell the Best Stone Tiles in Melbourne

The Tracks collection also draws inspiration from tradition, but these traditional methods are used to create up-to-date contemporary designs. The manufacturers use nature and the natural characteristics of stone as the basis for their inspiration, meaning that each tile has its own unique surface detail and contouring. This allows you to put a combination of different surface patterns and textures together to create your own individual and unique wall or floor. 

And finally, Geostone from Ceramiche Piemme has been created using digital technology which has enabled the manufacturers to create mosaic features which look as though they've been handmade by skilled stonemasons. Available in 5 colours, 2 sizes and 2 finishes, including natural and Lappato, there's also a matching chiseled mosaic feature available to really give your space a stylish touch. 

If you'd like to see our stone tiles in Melbourne up close and personal, a visit to our Eltham showroom is a must. Here you'll be able to see the collections from Ceramiche Piemme, Marazzi and Fondonvalle, plus as you know, you can't really appreciate the textural quality of stone until you've felt it with your own hands. 

We’re Here to Answer All Your Stone Tile Questions

If you’re stuck in your designs, you can come and visit our showroom in Eltham for a chat with one of our experienced team members. We can work with you to choose the perfect Melbourne tiles for your home, working with your vision to create your dream room. We can help out with any and all of the design process, whether it’s deciding the layout, floors, colours, and more. We even offer home design consultations if you prefer, as long as you’re within 15km of our showroom.

If that’s not an option, you can give us a call on 03 9439 221 for a chat or email

We also have a sample box available to buy with 5 different stone tiles for sale in Melbourne for you to compare and see which will be best compared to the rest of the room. When you’ve decided which to go for, the price of the box will be credited back to you to spend on upgrading your home.
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